New Car, Who Dis?

New Car, Who Dis?


This Maserati is exactly what you've been waiting to buy to nail your glow up.


  • Product Info

    New Car, Who Dis? is a clean-smelling blend fragrance oils infused with natural essential oils and embody the warmth and luxurious aroma of fine leather along with notes of star anise, bamboo leaf, Indian jasmine and teak. Flooding your nostrils with that addictive new car smell, New Car, Who Dis? is a perfect choice for those who long to have the scent of a brand new whip without the price tag that comes with it.


    Our premium soy candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure quality and care are going into each individual candle. They are housed in reusable containers that can serve any purpose your heart desires once your candle is finished. 


    Each candle gives you 10-oz of room-filling goodness and approximately 40-45 hours of burn time with proper candle care.



    • SOY WAX
    • 100% COTTON WICK
    • DYES
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